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A note about the Process for Uncovering: A Wild Garden of Eden

This project is a visual and auditory experiment aiming to uncover "creatures" by reflecting the Music of Nature (the hum of the wind, the quiet of the snow, the babble of a brook) through me, in color. It explores a “listening” and “expressing” process for reconciling Humans with Creation. Together, the creatures that revealed themselves make up a Wild Garden of Eden. 

My inspiration is the sound from Creation. The stories of the wild world that are there if we listen: The breath from a tree moving in the wind, the howling of the wind on a desert night, the song of a bird disappearing into the crunch of leaves. This inspiration moves through me on my breath. I move to the stories, imprinting on a page with colors and textures that I choose. This creates an intersection of the wildness of the Natural world and the wildness of my inner world. A creature takes form from this collaboration. I emphasize “Creature” in this particular project because I understand unconsciously that creatures are alive, and by being alive they have a responsibility to where they come from and the other living things that support them. Just as we can be responsible to each other and the Natural World. And let me tell you, through this process, I did indeed experience a mutually beneficial relationship :) 

Guiding words for this process:

“It is not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as our own inner wild nature fades”

(Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run with the Wolves)

Process Videos

I have included three videos from the beginning, middle, and end of this process to give you a taste for how the creatures were Uncovered through me (no video is longer than 3 minutes - I did some scrubbing through after the first couple strokes so you can see the general motion). Enjoy!

Three: Face in the Tree

Eight: The Curiosities

Ten: Cosmos in Flight

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