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Directed by Stephanie LeBolt

This Spring, Abigail will be playing Amina in Dance Nation by Claire Barron at the Theatre School. This will be a site specific performace, videoed and available June 11-June 20.



The Wild Garden of Eden

This project is a visual and auditory experiment of uncovering "creatures" by reflecting the Music of Nature (the hum of the wind, the quiet of the snow, the babble of a brook) through me, in color. It explores a potential process for reconciliation of Humanity / Humans with Creation / Creatures and will be a collection of slow moving videos of the process of uncovering the creatures culminating in a sort of Wild Garden of Eden.

“We're not destroying the world because we're clumsy. We're destroying the world because we are, in a very literal and deliberate way, at war with it.” (Daniel Quinn, Ishmael)

Videos, language, and images coming soon. 

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