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Welcome to
Uncovering: A Wild Garden of Eden
Project by Abigail Hendricks


You've made it! To a Wild Garden of Eden! As you meet each creature, in all that you are, take the time to read and listen to the sounds of Creation I was listening to that inspired and became these creatures. And as you go, ask yourself: 

  • Who are these creatures?

  • Who am I in them? Who are they in me? 

  • What am I remembering, that I didn’t know I had forgotten? 

Then, when you’ve finished, leave me a note answering these questions, or sharing anything you wish to share about your experience. 

Curious about this piece? How it all came to be? 

Otherwise, Journey on....

“We don’t have to figure out everything by ourselves: there are intelligences other than our own, teachers all around us”

(Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass)

Hush! Listen closely! 
You are now entering a Wild Garden of Eden...
Mother Mine.jpeg

Meet Mother Mine, creature of the forest creek.

We’ve known her since we first arrived

Defined by her own birth (I was there! And so were you!)

Heart thumping with a passion

Wilding her own way through the trees

“If you ever lose your way

Follow the river:

Then you are already home”

Mountain Stream
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Meet Spark, creature of the crackling fire

While the moon whispers in your ears, “RISE! Come with me now!”

He sings, “Light up! Spark up!”

So listen!

He’ll take you with him

To ascend, casting fears off your crown

Tickled pink and yellow

Dancing, bounding,  skipping, eternally: Up! Up! Up!

Crackling Fire
00:00 / 01:03
Face in the Tree.jpeg

Meet Face in the Tree, creature of the Tree in the Woods

Unfolding her folded wings (eyes?)

To see you more completely

Oh! Did you even see she was there at all? 

She knows! She doesn’t mind -

She minds her own.

They choose her.

Would you like to be one of them? 

“You will always belong right here, with me

If you just see, clearly”

Forest Sounds
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Swallowing the Universe.jpeg

Meet the One Who Swallows the Universe, creature of the Ocean shore.

Mm! I am the universe and it is me and I am me!

And so is she!

Throat open, eyes high (or low?)

Who is to say!

Tail like a stingray

And an antennae:

“I feel you and I see you, and I am you”

Ocean Surf
00:00 / 01:02

Meet PP Prince, creature of thunder and lightning

Make sure

Even if your gaze is down low (to shield your eyes) 

That you are giggling from your belly 

While you drip from head to toe 

Shivering from the cold (or because you know you’re alive?)

“Isn’t it wonderful that we were made to drip dry?”

00:00 / 01:01

They rose to meet us, freely, with many names in many worlds, creatures of the open meadow -

From ancient Mountain, comes dancing Tree, comes knowing Birds, back to Mountain

Again and again and again 

Singing, “There’s a time for Doing

And a time for Dreaming - 

Much time for Dreaming!” 

Do you see how they draw back the veil?

Do you see Beyond? 

(We usually only peek, but you can go poke around for a while!)

That is where

Collective Awe



00:00 / 01:01

Meet The One of Many Faces, creatures of the Desert Night

These ghosts have a

Fully empty knowing

Look closely

And you may not be able to find them at all 

But if you look even more closely
There they are 

And they wonder 

“Who do you think you are?”

Don’t be alarmed!

They only wonder what you think,

because they have already  known you before

Desert Night
00:00 / 00:44

Meet The Curiosities, creatures of the Howling Blizzard

They serve the ancient reminder 

That even when it’s cold

And loud

And dangerous

Take courage in curiosity!

Perhaps the feeling that you feel 

Even the one that is not so warm and delicious 

Is necessary 

For ultimate satisfaction 

“Do you dare to inquire into all the flavors of the experience 

That is this life?”

Howling Snowstorm
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Meet Dana, creature of the Ocean, lit by the Moon

Swirling in and out, in and out 

Balancing risk and stability

Meeting in the watery in between

That is vulnerability

“We may not understand one another, but we know one another”

Moon Beach
00:00 / 01:00

Meet the Cosmos in Flight, creatures of a quiet Chicago afternoon 

What does it mean 

To fly from the nest where you were born and raised?

Were you pushed to fall? 

Were you pulled to flight?


I hope so! 

Fall, then Fly, Beloved!

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I hope you've enjoyed this adventure and love all the creatures as I do! Before you go, leave me a note with some thoughts on these things you may have pondered:

  • Who are these creatures?

  • Who am I in them? Who are they in me? 

  • What am I remembering, that I didn’t know I had forgotten? 

Or any thoughts at all! I love you! 

Leave me a note here!

Thank you, I am so excited to hear from you!

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