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Abigail Hendricks is a yoga instructor (RYT® 200) and artist based in Chicago, IL. Abigail has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, and recently obtained her yoga teacher certification from Sacred Paths Yoga. Abigail’s yoga teachings are grounded in Hatha and restorative yoga and the teachings of Tantra; encouraging yoga students to find joy in inhabiting their bodies. She draws extensively from contemplative practices (via lineage of Yogacharini Dr. Sangeeta Laura Biagi and her mom, Pastor Diane Hendricks), and her classes house echoes of her voice, dance, contact improv, Feldenkrais, Laban and Bartenieff Fundamentals training, inspired by teachings from many beloved artistic mentors. 


In addition to guiding meditation and asana flows, Abigail offers imaginative and nourishing Yoga Nidra journeys. Yoga Nidra is akin to meditation ~ in the style of lying down on a soft nest of blankets and pillows. You are invited to lie down and to be guided into deep and complete full body relaxation; to encourage the space for your subconscious mind to be free and open to nourishing suggestions. Perhaps you will fall asleep, if you need to. This is beautiful: The radical act of resting. Collectively, we draw our valuable attention to dreaming while we are alive; awake or asleep.


Abigail is so excited to share with you touchstones of the wisdom she has gathered from her teachers and her practice, with the intention of leading you to remembering what we sometimes are led to forget: That you are Love, that you are Enough, and that you have everything you need inside of you. She is fiercely committed to celebrating the experience of having a body, to regarding the body as a most intimate Teacher, and to creating yoga spaces for all bodies: A task that includes decentering body aesthetics and actively decolonizing the yoga and healing world in the west. Her hope is that through taking time to nourish, breathe, and remember, the serenity and love you find will give you the clarity to reflect that back into the world around you.

You can find Abigail online and at Namaskar Yoga Studio in Chicago. 

Class starts at 7:35

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